How to remove the power supply from a desktop PC.

1 Unplug power cord from back of computer.
2 Open your computers cover to access internals.
3 Your power supply is the box where your power cord was previously plugged into.
4 Take note which connectors are plugged into what. The most typical setup is 2 connectors will be plugged into your motherboard, 1 connector plugged into each hard drive and CD Drive you have, and there might be 1 plugged into fan. (Draw a general diagram on a sheet of paper.)
5 Now first unplug these connectors and then unscrew power supply from the back of your computer. After all screws removed, carefully remove power supply from PC.
6 Insert replacement power supply in the same fashion your old one was placed and screw in from back of computer.
7 Under the assumption you recorded how your old power supply connectors were connected, reconnect the same way with new power supply.
8 Place cover back on your computer and plug your power cord back in.
9 You should now be able to power on your computer.