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About the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity


Prepare for a decades-long, wild ride!

A complete listing of Chuck Jones’ films appears below:

    11/19/38 The Night Watchman WB
    01/14/39 Dog Gone Modern WB
    02/11/39 Robin Hood Makes Good WB
    03/25/39 Prest-O Change-O WB
    04/22/39 Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur WB
    05/30/39 Naughty But Mice WB
    07/01/39 Old Glory WB
    07/29/39 Snow Man's Land WB
    09/02/39 Little Brother Rat WB
    10/07/39 Little Lion Hunter WB
    10/21/39 The Good Egg WB
    12/02/39 Sniffles and the Bookworm WB
    12/30/39 Curious Puppy WB
    01/27/40 The Mighty Hunters WB
    03/02/40 Elmer's Candid Camera WB
    05/22/40 Sniffles Takes a Trip WB
    06/08/40 Tom Thumb in Trouble WB
    07/20/40 The Egg Collector WB
    08/10/40 Ghost Wanted WB
    09/28/40 Stage Fright WB
    *WB represents Warner Brothers Studios.