C.O.P. Program



C.O.P. Program
The Westend C.O.P. Association meets with Santa Ana Police representatives on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Westend Police Substation, 3750 W. McFadden Ave. The meetings are from 7pm - 8pm. The Westend C.O.P. Association consists of Santa Ana residents that are committed to the principles and goals of crime prevention. They serve as a liaison between the community and the Santa Ana Police Department. The Westend C.O.P. Board of Directors facilitates and maintains up to date guidelines for training and works with the Santa Ana Police Department to develop safety and community education programs.

The C.O.P. program requires a commitment on your part to "care about safety
issues" affecting your neighborhood. Getting involved means:

  • You commit to calling the police when you see a suspicious person or activity. Bothering to notice, when persons, or their activities seem questionable or out of place for your neighborhood.
  • You commit to act as liaison between your neighborhood and the Santa Ana Police Department.

C.O.P. is an empowerment program. It empowers you, the resident, to have a direct impact on how your neighborhood is policed.

For more information, call:
Santa Ana Police Department 714*647*5062

Westend C.O.P. Association c/o Santa Ana Police Westend District Substation 3750 W. McFadden Suite I, Santa Ana, CA 92704 Non-Profit Tax ID # 39-2050625